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Mistakes men make when contacting Women online
Published by under Tips on February 25, 2009
Mistakes men make when contacting Women online

online_dating_service1In the present day contacting women through internet is very common, even there are instances of various people who got married with the help of these sites. But to enjoy the success you need to be aware about the proper process of contacting women specially online.

  • Mostly men don’t show any interest of posting a decent recent photograph. Profile with good photograph gets 5 times better response than those, without photos or having photos of poor quality.
  • Good looking girls are getting huge response every day. Give them a reason why they should open your message first. Send them an interesting topic/message for discussion.
  • Mostly men write the same unromantic message to every girl. Take her seriously, they love to feel special. Go through her profile & a send a meaningful sweet message.
  • Usually men get tense about what should be the response message, & it will make them stay last in the queue.  Prompt action is very important in such a situation (women like confident personality), it will make you appear prominent from other guys who send her messages.
  • After initial messages, don’t start asking her about her personal stuff immediately. Step slowly & cautiously. Allow her to know you first.
  • The girl you have approached might be hot & her profile might be sexy & flirty, but don’t try to be openly sexual. It will put an end to the relationship even before it starts.
  • If your profile is really not impressive & you suddenly get a romantic message with lots of promise, think twice before responding. Don’t reveal your financial information to such messages.
  • Be specific about what you are looking for in a girl & then join these shorts of online dating websites.
  • When you are searching girls you might suddenly find a lucrative hot picture in provocative outfit. There you might get a link of her personal website, where you need to put your credit card number to verify your age. Don’t fall in that trap.

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