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Feeling Alone
Published by under Letters on November 29, 2009
Feeling Alone

Feeling alone

Dear Ma,

Today, I am missing you very much, I am feeling alone, very alone……life is going to be so tough without you, I have never imagined this. Today, I can feel exactly the same pain which you have felt long back when you got to know that dad is cheating you. And when you find yourself alone in this world , life seems have no existence.

Maa…..You were lucky that you left this world just after showing me this beautiful world. You got free from the pain and other giref but ma… you left your daughter so alone that my each day without you is hard.  It hurts ma that you even didn’t see me, didn’t even hug me, you were in so hurry to leave me alone in this world? Tell me one thing,  if you had to leave this world so soon then why didn’t you take me with you.

Today,  I am so alone and there is no one around me. Dad is as always busy with his business and mom. .. YES, my so called step mom, that woman has always realised me that I am just a waste for this world.  But I have no regret when my ma has left me then why should I expect something from my dad’s second wife?

You know ma, I have lost my studies, my love, my career, my health has been never supportive to me. But now I want to move forward in my life with my career, I want you to bless me, ahh maa, why I can’t see you, why? I want to feel you maa i want to feel your presence… ahh….


Ma… give me strength to face this tough time and get myself busy in work, so that I can forget the mishaps happened to me,  I know it is not easy to forget you and him, you 2 were the only person to whom I had loved most….and will love always with no expectations…. My expectations have been ended now… one thing that has hurt me most; the changes in him are so early that its like my many long dedicated years for him are teasing me….. I am trying to find whether real love exist in this world or not? Or everything is fake. But I have decided, I will not say a single word to him now, I will not ask him anything now…

I have lost my confidence at all, but I want to gain it back, I want to be so successful in my career, in my business that I shouldn’t get any time to think my past.  For me to leave him is  not easy… and it is certain I will never leave my thoughts and love which is for him, but I will not expect now anything from him for me. When I don’t think of him I feel like I have no life…. Ma…. Its you and him, to whom I think always and I feel happy… but unfortunate me……….you both are so away from me and to whom I can’t see and feel. Now, my trust has been broken so badly that I know I will never be able to trust any man in this world when it comes to relationship like love and marriage. He will be the only man in my life, it doesn’t matter ……..now, he is not with me… but I will always love him as I have loved him for last many years…

But ma… I want now to give my whole effort to my business, bless me and forbid my consent to expect anything from him. I don’t want to weep more as there is no one to wipe my tears… my tears have no value and they make me more weak, insecure,  and alone…. I need your blessings ….. now I want to be successful in my work….. I want this only and nothing…..  I don’t need anything now except success in my work AND I hope ma…this time you will bless me….

I miss you maa………. I miss you……… I miss you

Love you always…..

Yours unlucky daughter …….


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One Response to “Feeling Alone”
admin Said:

Hey Ahaana,

I have personally look into your letter and published it, if any editing you want to me to do, let me know….
Your letter was so heart touching, that I couldn’t stop myself to publish it….. this site will keep your personal info secret with us as long as you want… and you are open to share your articles, letters, personal views to our site, feel free to contact me anytime…

And if this is your real story, I will pray for your success and will request you to forget past, look forward, our site has many other articles which can give you moral support…


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