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11 Things Men don’t Understand About Women
Published by under Relationships, Tips on December 10, 2009
11 Things Men don’t Understand About Women

Men and women are not only different physically but their mental and emotional states are different as well. Men are strong in showing their emotions but women very often show their emotions. Thus men often don’t understand this mental difference and just consider women to be a creator from mars. Below I am going to tell 11 most common things which man doesn’t understand about women. S lets have a look.

1. Why they do too much drama? The things which girls consider their emotions seem to be a big drama for the men. Sometimes girls become over expressive but that doesn’t mean they are doing a drama but men do think that it’s a drama.

2. Why they can’t just speak clearly? Women just want their feelings to be understood by their partner but men are pretty off the opinion they want everything to be said clearly. Men are more practical in their life then women that’s why they want everything in a practical manner and woman want personal relationship not to be taken as practical.

3. Why they want marriage so soon? Another thing about which men are quite confused is that why women are so desperate for marriage.  But the real scenario is that women love to live a secured family life while men are in no hurry of having more duties on their shoulders.

4. Why they take so long getting ready? This is considered to be a weakness on the women’s behalf as they want to look perfect and for that they take too much time for deciding on the other side men thinks that if women are ok for them then why they are taking so time to think about others.

5. Why they browse too much? While shopping men usually buy their clothes or other things from a single shop but women have to browse the whole market for their things as they don’t get satisfied so soon. Men get irritated from this but its women nature of exploring all and then getting the best for them.

6. Why they want to rule? Men feel that the women is trying to rule on them by demanding their full attention while this is not the case women just want the interest of the other person. They want to be cared and feel secure that’s why the always want the full attention of their men.

7. Why so much shoes? It could be a weakness on part of women that they do not get satisfied by their shoes and always want new ones. They make the cabins full of shoes but don’t get satisfied as fashion changes and their thoughts as well.

8. Why they love chocolates too much? It is another mystery in men’s mind that why a chocolate can take all the worries of a broken heart or a stressful day. Women can also not answer this question exactly it’s just they love chocolate and nothing else.

9. Why they have so many attitudes? Men don’t understand the attitude of women; everything is good for them for some months then they start hating that thing. This might be because they don’t want to stick themselves to a single thing they always want a change in their life.

10. Why they hate videogames and sports? Men usually get busy playing a videogame or playing a sport when they come back home from office this thing irritates women because they want the men to pay attention towards them after office and nothing should come in between.

11. Why they don’t like our jokes? The sense of humor of men is different from that of women and this is the reason men feel why their partner doesn’t laugh too much on their jokes.

These are the common misconceptions in the mind of men and they don’t try to understand women in these manner. Any how these things can be easily resolved in both the partner fully try to understand each other’s emotions.

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One Response to “11 Things Men don’t Understand About Women”
Ana Said:

Man know nothing, except to play with feelings and with emotions…they became so selfish and get changed so frequently, which a girl can’t imagine even to do.. my boy friend made so much of promises and commitments, after a very long term relationship around 6 years…he got changed and now he talks to me, but he doesn’t reply me when i ask my fault….he has left me with so much of unanswered questions, which makes me always to live with my tears…Men are flirt by nature, I heard it somewhere, but now i am facing the same….I wish he could some day tell me where I am wrong and how come things changed so suddenly…that he left me like a thing… i want to ask him, I am not a human being? I don’t have heart?

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